So I just read an article in Alriyadh newspaper which in short says the jobs n the mega malls will only be limited to Saudi citizens.

So like the Ministry of Labor other regulations, this comes as a sudden decision with no hints at all and for me this is no strange. But what bothers me the most is that these types of jobs will not employee the high education level graduates who are the majority of the youth right now ( I don’t believe these numbers though). So as some of my relatives, female especially, who were looking for jobs for years I don’t think this is what they are hoping for. Heck, even managers at these jobs will not pay the bill for the majority. So instead of pushing the Saudization toward the service sector they are opening jobs on retail positions which is total waste for the 18+ years the government investment into educating the youth.

But hey as long as it minimize the numbers it is fine.