Having working as a solution architect for many enterprise projects the only thing I can think of when it comes to storage is to throw everything in Oracle or SQLServer. Yes, I was aware of the NoSQL trend by 2007 and gave it couple of reads but within the scope of business and enterprise my only concern is to support the already established data repos they have and to harness the power of ORM frameworks.

Nevertheless this didn’t discourage me from checking on the movement away from the ACID data repos. So by this time I said to myself “Just read something comprehensive about it”. And this is what I did with Next Generation Databases: NoSQL, NewSQL, and Big Data book by Guy Harrison which I truly feel grateful to him.

In the book, Guy went into length to establish the history and the causes that mandate the databases to divert from the ACID proprieties and specifically the need to for new breeds of data repositories for the Web 2.0 era and the gigantic websites along with the cloud. Starting with Google’s famous paper and the race from other gigasites like Amazon and Facebook to drop propriety and open source RDBMs in that were limiting instead of empowering. There are some dips into the Database interworking but this is expected from the Guy’s background. The value added in this book are tremendous for a somewhat short read (less than 240 pages). And I am sure that the information will help me in future projects.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with IT background.