Fighting Uncertainty!

The future is gloomy.

The expectations are high. Uncertainty

I don’t know where I am now let alone where I should be heading to.

Is what I am doing now even makes sense?

Well, I had these questions for a couple of times during my life whenever tackling major problems whether personal or business. And now, and again, facing the same when building the architecture practice at my current work.

The thing is the digital disruption had changed the IT landscape forever. Previously it was Business led, IT-Enabled; Now it is Business led, Technology led, IT-Enabled. And the experience I have accomplished all of these years must be well adjusted to our time. And even for an enterprise IT, it isn’t anymore about maintaining what you have and aligning your IT with the business needs; but rather it is about ensuring the enterprise continuity in bimodel world where innovation is the only way to ensure a sound future for the business and not to get caught in cycles that lead to technical debts while becoming a burden on the business and not an enabler.

For the next year or so, I will be fighting uncertainty as part of my current role is establishing an EA office starting from the solution/application architecture and incorporating the relevant domains within the EA office.


I will try to blog my story whenever possible but don’t take it as a promise 🙂