Whoo Whoo!

Talking about living in the shadows, the Open Group released TOGAF 9.2. A minor update to the long lasted 9.1 which was published in 2012. So almost 6 years for a minor update seems to long. But hey who is complaining as long as your 9 certification is compatible with the new standard.

So what has changed? Well as a minor change to the standard will usually indicate small stuff added here and there. And it seems the core architecture that evolves around the Information Systems and Technology hasn’t changed but rather to business architecture is now supplemented guides on how to integrate the Business Capabilities and Value Streams into the library. Also, security has been enhanced with the security architecture integration into the TOGAF library. This adds more detail on how to integrate the risk and security into TOGAF and detailed mapping between TOGAF and SABSA Framework[http://www.sabsa.org/] framework which coincidentally is something I just learned about (it seems like a classification framework like Zachman’s)!

Beyond that, there is nothing to speak of I guess. But frankly speaking, I would like to see TOGAF getting outside the IT-centric perspective and moving toward the business/technology alignment and domain to become the defacto standard in digital transformation momentum. Like everyone is talking about digital transformation and digital business, but you still need those people who actually develop your technology blueprints that are correctly aligned with the business potentials and not the other way around.


Update: It seems that I undermined this minor update. The Open Group are considering a complete reshape of TOGAF guidelines and techniques in the near future. This webinar discusses the change in more details.