UX, Enterprise Design, Customer Journeys, Customer Empathy…… The list goes on and on and on. Like we want to predict the customer’s behavior and actions before things happen. BAs, CTOs, Designers, CTOs, and Decision Makers, to name a few, want to mimic what happens in real life into bits and digits.

Everyone is rushing to the digitizing everything they can get their hands on without even understanding where they are at! It is all a game of having initiatives to show it to the top dog to receive points and applause. Let’s digitize it and ask the marketing team to have a campaign with all the smiles and happiness all over the country. 

I had the unfortunate event of having to visit a local company, NWC, to ask them for a service. Well right at the doorsteps the security guard stopped me and ask about my business. Well, sir, I am here for service X. To which he responds go and order that through our mobile app. OK…. so as long as I am here why not see a representative. The answer, un-shockingly, is we don’t have any more representatives it is all digital from now. And as I turn, an old guy was asking about the same services, the security replied with the same. The old guy said he doesn’t even have a smartphone to which the security said it is none of his business.

The misunderstanding of customer needs and disconnecting the essence of the company from the real world, along with the good old monopoly, is what results in this abuse. And with that cutting all corners in the name of Digital like they are not introducing bugs in the system but features!