About Me

I am a developer at heart, a solution architect in the past, and now a consultant and an enterprise architect (in the broader sense). When I have time, I will bake pizza like there is no tomorrow.

I have been working in the IT domain for the past 15 years. So I have seen them all, from the day of black and white screens, passing with the incubation of the Web-Platform, and now the total integration of Life and Technology. I have been with the government, the semi-government, and private companies across many verticals.

In my blog, I will mostly write the stuff that pops into my mind. So don’t expect something well written or well researched. So this is my online diary.

I am open to any engagement and not necessarily related to career advancement. So if you want to have something in your mind or want an outsider perspective to help with anything then hit me with an invitation request or message through LinkedIn.